How much do we know about EU programs?

During autumn 2015. we have conducted a survey among citizens of Croatia (mostly youth) to find out what is their opinion on the Croatian membership in the EU and how familiar are they with EU programs for youth.

We find the results to be somewhat expected but still interesting as they give us useful feedback that we can work with to improve the statistics even better! Find out more below…

The survey was done on 184 participants from 13 different cities that include Zagreb, Šibenik, Bjelovar, Ogulin, Split, Zadar, Karlovac, Osijek, etc. as part of the national project that Device are preparing (more about that in our future posts).


As you can see in the graph above, age span of the participants was separated into four main categories, each of them connected to a degree of education or (un)employment. Important thing to know is that the aimed age groups were youth from 12 to 25 years which are currently in high school or studying, due to the fact that we are going to implement our future project on them. Nevertheless, we were also interested in opinions of other citizen (e.g. employed and elderly ones) to see the different perspectives between different groups.


First set of questions for survey participants was about their impression on how the society overall is developing since Croatia becoming member state of the EU on 1st July 2013. Most of the subjects – 48,09% think that Croatia is profiting by being a member state. 19,13% are having contrary opinion and think that Croatia is not profiting, while 32,79% are still not certain. When looking through different age groups – biggest supporters of Croatian membership in EU are subjects 19 to 25 y/o, while older ones (26+ y/o) are biggest opponents.

impact_social_groupsWhen asked what social groups have benefited the most since 2013., majority agrees those are the politicians. Youth, employed and unemployed have benefited somewhat less, while senior citizens haven’t benefited at all!



eu_programsSecond set of questions was about their knowledge on the EU programs and funds for youth. 57% have heard of at least one EU program/fund for youth. Even though it is a majority we still think (having in mind that focused age group are youth) that this number is too small and that the efforts are to be made by the government as well as NGOs like us to inform young people about the opportunities that EU gives them, both in field of professional and personal developement.


participatedEven though 72% of the subjects think that Croatian membership in the EU gives youth more chances regarding education and employment, embarrassing 18% have actually participated in some kind of program. Only 7% of subjects have participated in EU programs more than once!

At the same time, 84% of subjects wishes to be more informed about the EU programs and opportunities that awaits them. 82% of them wishes to participate in some kind of program in future. That means that almost everyone who has not yet participated wants to be part of the movement! That he/she wants to seize the opportunities that are given to them in order to improve themselves in every way possible!


Conclusion: even though opinions on wether Croatia and it’s citizens are profiting by being member state of the EU are quite different, big majority of the subjects (especially targeted ones – youth) agree that it gives them more opportunities, especially in regards of education and employment. Unfortunately, we have the impression that not a lot of young persons are aware of this – supported by the fact that not very large number of them have ever heard of, let alone participated in some EU program for youth. However, we are very glad that those individuals are actually not uninterested. Moreover, the vast majority wants these numbers to change! This is precisely why we will do our best to inform and engage these young people to become part of our european family.

We want to give big thanks to everyone that has participated and helped making this survey in any way. :*

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