TC Youth Management for Youth Development – report

The training course was organized by ECIM association and it was located in small place called Zakopane, Poland from 29th June till 10th July 2016. Thanks to Marcin from ECIM, we had first and last day organized to spend in Krakow and enjoy all the beauties of it as well as visit some of the famous Polish cultural places like Salt Mine.

The trip to Krakow was pretty interesting for us participants (Antonia, Dijana and Iva). We travelled for 18-19 hours by train from Zagreb (Croatia) – Zidani most (Slovenia) – Vienna (Austria) – Krakow (Poland).

Some of the main project objectives were to bring out the best qualities in us like creativity, sense of leadership, open-mindness and others which was done throughout workshops, simulation games, lectures, energizers, and a lot of other things which included us thinking and brainstorming all the time. The main goal was to teach us how can we, the youth that was brought together there, create one project ourselves one day, and we were taught all the flaws and the advantages of it. We were guided through workshops, every day, step by step until we came up to the part where we had to create our own project. It was quite interesting to see how many ideas and information we learnt, and also how diverse all of us are, which was also one of the main objectives of the project.

But it wasn’t all strictly formal, that’s why it’s called non-formal learning, we had a lot of fun during the project and everything we did, made sense.

We also visited the beautiful national park called Morskie Oko, where we walked 9 km uphill (we almost died!! Well some of us haha!) until we finally got to the beautiful, surrounded by the mountains, lake.

Aaand then 9 kilometers back down.

The best part of the day for all of us was probably the cultural nights. Croatian national team shared their night with the Slovakians and Bulgarians. It was fun, we experienced diversity through flags, presentations, videos, alcohol, food, snacks, music… EVERYTHING.

We made a lot of friends, we experienced cultures through communication, late nights with music, lectures, food, laugh etc. What’s most important we promised to stay in touch so for the further projects or visitations we would have friends from different countries in Europe.

What an amazing experience, one of those a person will not forget 🙂

Iva Paić

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