Warsaw here we come!

Our members will be participating in Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange Project Open MInded + Active + Creative = HiredOMACH under the organisation of our partners: European Center for Youth Initiatives. The project will take place in Warsaw, Poland – March 12th – 20th. Find out more info about the project below…

Objectives of the project are:
– To activate and stimulate the creativity of young people;
– To demonstrate the range of existing opportunities and possibilities created by the development of international cooperation and to encourage young people to take the initiative and create reality as students and teachers, workers and employers at the same time;
– Strengthening intercultural dialogue by showing in common elements, values and interests of all Member States of the European Union;
– To increase the openness of young people as citizens of the European Union to other societies and their cultures;
– To show the enormous role of young people contributing to exploit existing relationships and its development for improving the prospects of life in a changing Europe;
– To promote non-formal learning, and to show the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies in navigating the modern states and societies;
– The promotion of language learning as a way of job finding in foreign markets and gaining experience and competences there.

During the main activity young people will have the opportunity to take part in a program consisting of three interconnected blocks – ‘Open Minded’, ‘Active’, ‘Creative’, which implementation will allow them to develop themselves and increase their chances of employment and effective personal and professional initiatives in the future. Nine days for the participants of the project will allow for the acquisition of a mix of new knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them gradually transferred the development process and help to increase their contribution to the life of their societies.

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